SBC Skincare Returns to Pro Beauty 2024

SBC Skincare Returns to Pro Beauty 2024

The beauty industry is getting ready for the return of Pro Beauty, and we are excited to announce that SBC Skincare will be attending - stand D14!

SBC Skincare is now an established skincare, bath, and body brand; however, it started life in the professional world over 30 years ago. SBC took its first steps with the development of its iconic, ionised treatment gel – a signature formula that has stood the test of time and continues to be beloved by skincare professionals. This unique formula was designed to deliver optimal results for a wide range of skin concerns, establishing SBC Skincare as a go-to brand for professionals seeking effective and versatile skincare.

Why visit SBC Pro at Pro Beauty 2024?

• Meet the team behind the brand
• Exclusive discounts and kit offers
• Discover how to maximise SBC potential and make the most out of your kits
• Utilise the play stations to try out textures for your treatments
• Ask for advice directly from our trained professionals

Whether you are a seasoned skincare professional or just starting in the industry, the SBC Pro team are dedicated to helping your business thrive. Discover how our unique approach can transform your treatment offerings and contribute to the success of your beauty business.

Why have we created treatment kits?

SBC Skincare is known and loved for our extensive range of effective products and we understand life as a therapist can be busy - knowing which product is best for you may be tricky. Our pro team have vast experience in salon and spa environments, and they have selected the most effective and efficient products from our shelves, giving you a variety of hero ingredients in formulas that will suit every skin type and every client need.

Our new range of treatment kits caters to various skin types and concerns, offering you the tools you need to address your client's unique needs effectively. SBC's versatile formulas stand out for their adaptability, ensuring that you can confidently tailor treatments to suit individual client requirements.

Beauty professionals visiting stand D14 will have the chance to explore these kits first-hand, gaining insights into how they can enhance their services and benefit their clients.

Do I need to buy an SBC kit?

You don’t need to buy a kit, we have put them together as an option, not a necessity. There are no rigid rules or instructions on how you should utilise SBC in your business. This is what makes us unique when compared to other brands! 

You hold the power in your treatment room, and we welcome you to use our products to meet your individual needs as a professional. SBC Pro takes pride in providing a solution for every treatment. Our products can be customised and blended to offer a unique treatment for each client, making no two treatments the same and keeping your therapies ever-changing (just like the skin). Many of our products can be used alongside products from other brands to complement your treatment.

How do I become an SBC Pro?

Simply sign up HERE, and we will contact you to create an account and offer support in setting up your first order. We have product training resources available so that you can learn at your leisure at a pace that suits you.

What is the opening order requirement?

Unlike other brands, we do not restrict our opening orders, and the amount depends on the individual needs of your business. 

What sets SBC Pro apart from other professional skincare brands? The answer lies in its commitment to flexibility, accessibility, and efficacy. You can control whether to start small and refresh your kit when you need to - or open with a larger quantity to max out your treatment room and become an SBC sanctuary. The power is yours, and we are here to fully support you whether you are a big salon or a small independent therapist. This unique approach allows professionals to work around their budget, ensuring that SBC's high-quality skincare is accessible to everyone.

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