SBC Skincare’s Iconic Hydra-Collagen Collection

SBC Skincare’s Iconic Hydra-Collagen Collection

SBC Skincare is mostly known for our pink Hydra-Collagen Gel, used, and loved by professionals and our loyal customers for over 30 years.

Due to popular demand, our Hydra-Collagen range has grown over the years. We now have a full range of skin, bath and body care – including hair care. All infused with our Marine Collagen, this range has won numerous awards over the years, and continues to grow.

What Collagen Does SBC Skincare use?

Here at SBC, we use Marine Collagen in our products. The marine extracts used in our formulations come from the skin of fish already obtained for human consumption by approved providers.

We blend Marine Collagen with nourishing and conditioning extracts to provide the best skin-smoothing, radiance-boosting results. Including hyaluronic acid, squalane, passionflower seed oil, kukui seed oil, shea butter and Vitamin E.

What are the benefits of Marine Collagen?

Collagen molecules too large to penetrate the skin, however our soluble Marine Collagen has been specifically formulated to go a little deeper, plus it has some wonderful benefits for the skin.

Marine Collagen contains 8 essential amino acids, which have great moisture binding properties. Plus, due to collagen’s ability to bind water, using it on your skin will help increase hydration levels. Helping to hydrate, smooth and make skin appear more supple, thus smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Why should you use Marine Collagen in your treatments?

As a skincare professional, incorporating marine collagen products into your facials can be a great way to enhance the effectiveness of your treatments and provide your clients with excellent results.

Marine collagen is known for its ability to improve skin hydration. This is particularly important for clients who have dry or dehydrated skin, as marine collagen is a gentle, yet effective tool to increase skin's moisture levels and reduce the appearance of flakiness and roughness.

By improving skin elasticity, hydration, and overall health, marine collagen can help your clients achieve a more youthful, radiant complexion that they will love.

What skin type is the Hydra-Collagen range for?  

SBC Skincare Hydra-Collagen range is suitable for all skin types who are looking to target signs of ageing. Especially those with dry, dehydrated, or mature skin.

We have a range of formulas to suit dry, combination and even oily skin types.

What products are available for treatments in the Hydra-Collagen Range?


  • Hydra-Collagen Moisturising Gel – the iconic, hydrating, ionised gel.
  • Hydra-Collagen Micellar Gel Cleanser – prep skin with the cooling, micellar gel.
  • Hydra-Collagen Replenishing Cream Cleanser – previously known as 3-in-1 cleanser, it removes all makeup, deeply cleanses skin of impurities, and nourishes. 
  • Hydra-Collagen Illuminating Eye Cream - Clinically proven to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Hydra-Collagen Intensive Serum - This award-winning serum is blended with a potent dose of Marine Collagen to flood your skin with hydration.
  • Hydra-Collagen Day & Night Cream – our top selling moisturiser. Lightweight texture, yet nourishing.
  • Hydra-Collagen Intensive Moisturiser More intense formula to comforts skin and prevent dryness.
  • Hydra-Collagen Creamy Clay Mask a skin nourishing and purifying mask in one. To deeply cleanse pores, add radiance and hydration.

Body Products:

  • Hydra-Collagen Hand & Foot Cream
  • Hydra-Collagen Hand Wash
  • Hydra-Collagen Body Wash
  • Hydra-Collagen Body Polish
  • Hydra-Collagen & Geranium Body Oil
  • Hydra-Collagen Body Butter


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