SBC Skincare's Signature Treatment Gels

SBC Skincare's Signature Treatment Gels

SBC Skincare’s micro-current treatment gels have been used and trusted by professional for over 30 years. SBC was one of the first brands to offer a range of targeted, hydrating ionised gels to the professional market. 

Our signature, water-based formula was created by therapists for therapists, with the needs of the professional at the forefront of our development we wanted to create a product that will work hard alongside your staff and help to reduce cost within the treatment room. 

What are SBC Treatment Gels?

Known as our 'moisturising gels', and previously known as ‘skincare gels’, our unique treatment gel formulas are hydrating, lightweight and non-greasy. They feel cool upon application, soothing irritated areas and are easily absorbed. They are also ionised (+ & -), so they can be used with electrical beauty tools, for advanced facials.

Our gel formulations are transparent because the formula is created as a water-based semi-solid, which allows it to spread easily over the skin. The water acts as a vehicle for the actives within the product, effectively delivering them to the skin.

They are free of the heavy ingredients that many lotions, butters and creams contain. This leaves the best of both worlds; the ‘barely there’ weight, that comes with being a gel, and the cushion of a moisturiser. 

sbc skincare moisturising gels collection

Meet SBC Skincare’s Treatment Gels 

What sets SBC’s gels apart from other competitors are the range of different ingredients infused into each one. This allows for effective treatment of various skincare needs and gives the therapist more choice than ever before, whilst providing the opportunity to deliver bespoke treatments to the client.

A firm favourite is the Hydra-Collagen Gel as it promotes skin plumpness and has anti-ageing benefits. Whilst other options such as Propolis, or the increasingly popular Propolis & White Willow, treats reactive, problematic skin. The Aloe Vera Gel is a treatment trolley essential – cooling hydration, which is ideal post-hair removal. Alone with our Arnica Gel - an essential for areas of tension and fatigue.

Other options include Rosehip, Hyaluronic Acid, Lavender, Vitamin E, Cucumber, Manuka Honey, Lemon Myrtle, Calendula or Rose. 

You can also mix the gels together to create a unique blend which can be custom made for each client to ensure that their skin receives the exact outcome you want.

How to use SBC Moisturising Gels in Professional treatments?

Our face and body gels are so versatile you can include them in every treatment on your menu. With a wide selection of powerful ingredients, we have ensured that every treatment can be tailored to the individual client, making sure that effective results are achieved and that your treatments are unique to the person.

  • As a conductive gel to work alongside popular machines e.g.: galvanic, non-surgical facelift toning and IPL
  • Post hair removal – particularly the Aloe Vera, Propolis or Cucumber Gel
  • Ideal to use with facial rollers, gua sha or ice globes.
  • As a moisturiser in facials for combination and oilier skin types
  • As a hydrating mask during facials or back treatments for oilier skin with individual concerns
  • As a serum during facials to boost the effectiveness of your moisturisers for dryer skin
  • A great way to end pedicures with a light, uplifting, grease free moisturiser

    There’s no need to remove the hydrating gel – simply massage it in after your treatment, or any time skin needs a hydration boost.

    So, take your treatment to another level with SBC and give your client an experience to remember!

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